IE 5 Note

If you’re still using Internet Explorer 5.x — for either Windows (5.0 and 5.5) or Macintosh (5.0 through 5.2) — as your browser, you may notice this site looks devoid of any style or design. The code is not broken. This stripped-down version for IE5 is intentional.

You’ll still be able to view this site if you’re using a version of IE5 as your browser. No content will be hidden from your browser. However, the design will be more barren, and you may need to scroll more often to see all content and navigation options. IE6 for Windows is unaffected by this change, and will still get most of the design details (as much of them as it can support).

To see this site and design as intended, and to gain more control over your browsing experience, try using any of the recommended alternative browsers continually rising in popularity:

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